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As a 60+ year old man, I was suffering from a lot of stomach issues and pains in my knee. With the help of Liberada Nutrition I was able to spot the inflammatory triggers within my diet and I am now eating much cleaner and better. The pains in my knees have gone completely and Constantly bloating and stomach aches have decreased and are almost non-existence. The meal plan and my personalised grocery list took so much into consideration and still let me enjoy the things I’ve always loved, just in different ways.

I also booked the additional chef consultation with Liberada Nutrition. This bonus service was great because I do not cook my own meals, the nutritionist was able to teach my chef how to cook the meals she had prescribed and what to avoid.

Pius M

Thank you so much for an amazing session.

I love that you spent sufficient time analysing my food intake and then accurately deduced the nutrients I was lacking. Also, the consultation notes were amazing! Really appreciate the product suggestions especially recommending where I can purchase them.

I am looking forward to future sessions.

Ruth A

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to you guys for being so awesome.

This consultation made me realise that the foods I was consuming, although harmless right now, could have led to many health problems in the long run.

I felt very comfortable talking to your head nutritionist, Mazino Malaka. She was very patient and answered ALL the questions I had. She made me see the problems with my current diet and provided practical solutions. I realised that a lot of the foods I skipped past in the grocery store where actually the ones I needed the most.

I firmly believe that booking this session was one of the best decisions Ive made this year. Your affordability, professionalism and unique approach to nutrition is highly commendable and I would recommend you guys to everyone seeking simple yet lasting changes to their diets.

Moyo A

Thanks for an amazing session. I must say I wasnt 100% sure what I would be getting from this session but you definitely exceeded my expectations.

The depth of knowledge you have in nutrition is outstanding. I felt like there werent any gaps in your knowledge when I was asking you questions. You answered all my questions thoroughly. To be able to have insight into whats going on in my body without me even disclosing some of those things goes to show that I am in the right place.

Vincent N

Thank you for helping me on my journey. I look forward to implementing the many solutions youve provided for better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

Rasheed S

The nutrition and wellness programme really transformed my relationship with food. I began to see food so differently and I got to understand my body in such a new way.
Thank you Liberada Nutrition for being so patient with me over the month as you coached me. Special thank you to Mazino Malaka who made every session fun.

Ojoshide U

'One of my best purchases in 2020! Thank you Mazino for being so professional, organised and understanding. I'm finishing my program feeling informed and ready to embark on this new journey. Thanks so much Liberada nutrition.


I have been struggling with my gut health for years. No doctor could really diagnose what was happening until i embarked on an elimination diet programme with Liberada Nutrition and this was so life changing. We were able to spot food sensitivities I had no clue about.


I had a great month working with Liberada Nutrition on the nutrition and wellness programme. For the first time, weight loss was not the topic for discussion regarding my health. She delved into questions about my relationship with food and how to help me get rid of poor mind sets I have had for years. I am a 50+ year old woman who finally feels like she is in control of her health after years and years of trying different diets that never worked. Liberada has finally given me a sustainable approach to food which has helped heal me in more ways than one.

Ajiri M

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